Random Hilarity

I just have to regale you with a tale of something funny my son did the other day before it gets lost in the murky recesses of my memory.

Sundays are typically busy days, in a lazy sort of way.  Without fail there are children running in and out of the house all day long and if I’m very lucky, my awesome next door neighbor pops in for a little while to chat and catch up.  Football will be on at some point and I spend a lot of time causally keeping the mess from going KahBlooey! but other than that, drink lots of coffee and stay in my jammie pants.    This past Sunday was no different.

My neighbor on the left, who I’m going to call Tee, has a little girl named Dee.  And Dee is around the same age as my Ae (5) and is usually in my house on Sundays, Elvira-izing my cats with the help of Ae and Ee (who is 3).    My neighbor on the right, whom I will henceforth refer to as SuperMom, has a little girl named Jae.  Jae (who is 7) is right between the ages of my two daughters and spends a lot of time here and on this particular day, she was hanging out with my oldest daughter, Em (8).  And SuperMom herself, who is the awesome next door neighbor mentioned above, was sitting at my kitchen table participating in my weekly Laundry Stall exercise while the children ran around and generated a happy sort of chaos.

While she and I are jawing, my son, Ee, comes into the room and begins his evil tricks, charming SuperMom with his humorous and adorable conversation.  Meanwhile, in the office (which is adjacent to my kitchen), Ae and Dee are playing in an over-sized box that used to house my son’s bike.  All we can really see of them is their legs and feet, from about the knees down.  They were so quiet and occupied that I actually forgot they were there for a while. Ee is jabbering, hanging off the side of the table and generally reminding us that he’s too cute for words.  Out of the blue, he turns to SuperMom and says, “Watch this”, and then just walks away.  He goes around the table and into the office and SuperMom and I are all like, ‘Wuh???”

Then he goes, I shit you knot, “AahHAhaha!” and then just JUMPS on the box housing the aforementioned little girls.  Cue high pitched screams and giggles of indignation.

I wish I had a video of that moment; it was so funny, so random and well, the sound of my “innocent” little boy going “AahHAhaha!” just did me in.  Ah, little brothers.  Gotta love ’em.


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