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Snippets of Funny

A while back, I introduced Em to Dr. Who.  She caught me watching it in season 5 or something and she was driving me crazy asking me questions so I went back to season 1 and started from the beginning with her.  She, of course, adores it because she’s my daughter and has excellent taste. …

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Random Hilarity

I just have to regale you with a tale of something funny my son did the other day before it gets lost in the murky recesses of my memory. Sundays are typically busy days, in a lazy sort of way.  Without fail there are children running in and out of the house all day long …

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Beer and Dirt

I keep thinking about how cool it is that my husband and I literally made people.  I realize that, at a glance, this may not seem so amazing.   I mean, if you think about it, all life sort of replicates itself in one fashion or another.  But for some reason, I simply cannot escape the …

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It’s good to be home!

Hello world! I had this beautiful website, full of marvelously entertaining articles (or so I like to tell myself) that, unfortunately, has gone the way of the Do-Do bird.  It’s a long and boring story and frankly, rather tragic, so I’d rather spare you the details.  Some of you reading this are no doubt familiar …

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